The Fence, 1-31-2017

Well, the next step is erecting a tall fence around the building for safety

when they demolish the standing brick walls of the Former Kirksville Arts Building.


This fence of 2×4 saw horses was temporarily installed after the fire was

squelched, to protect walkers and cars from getting too close to the

delicately standing brick walls, in case they fell.


You can see how precarious some of the structure is. You wouldn’t want

to be below if it collapsed.


On Jan 31, 2017 the crew arrives. The truck with the chainlink panels arrives.


From here, the process seems simple, if you have good strong men

doing what they know how to do so well.


With this done, soon the demolition will begin. Next week this building

will be “under destruction” and a leaf of the book is turned.


There is a lot of community support here in Kirksville to Re-Build this

facility. So many groups have made fundraisers and donated to The Cause.

The Phoenix Arises.


All Images and Text © Jana Russon Jan 2017

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