SOS Kick-Off with Keota, 6-3-2016

Many people enjoyed a stroll thru Kirksville looking at art, talking art,

listening to music, conversing with the artists and enjoying themselves

on the 2016 Art Walk.

Then they wandered over to the South Steps of The Square where at

least 288 people made their way to the First 2016 Summer On the Square

(SOS) Concert.


They got their chairs from their cars and settled in to listen to some

enthusiastic music by Keota, a local band from Bevier.


To print a line-up of this Summer’s Concerts  CLICK HERE.


The children were ready to dance.


Let me tell you a little story. The couple pictured below always comes

early, by at least a couple hours. They enjoy the front row and love the

music that comes to town.

They are Dickey and Donna Wheeler, and he has not missed a single Summer

On the Square Concert since SOS began.  We were trying to think how

long SOS has been going on and no one could pin it down. But we think

it is at least 9 years.


So Dickey has come to every single Concert that played here at The

Court House Steps!  That is True Support. Thank you, Dickey and Donna,

and thanks to all those who come to listen. It’s for you we do this!


The harmonica grabs the mic and plays the tune in it’s own way.


Those who want to show their thanks to the musicians can easily give

a donation while Steven passes the hat. Kirksville Arts does pay it’s

musicians a fair fee and the gifts of the listeners helps balance that out.


People are naturally generous, and thankful.


Humans aren’t the only listeners.


We have the support of the community which shows in

continued attendance.


Martina Sings Her Song.


And the little girls twirl and spin with each other to the rhythm of the Band.


Thank you for being part of this wonderful Summer Event. During June,

July and August, every Friday evening from 7:00 – 8:30 you too can join

the fun on The Square.

To print a line-up of this Summer’s Concerts  CLICK HERE.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon Jun 2016



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