SOS 8-11-2017, CW Smith

Due to an error in the alignment of the planets, CW Smith was booked as “Piano”

when really what he did was vocal and guitar, with decades of genre to draw from.


It was refreshing to hear old favorites, and a few unusual ones thrown in for fun.


These listeners attend often. He was set to listen to piano music.


The listeners are generous when Steven brings around the Tip Jar. This

Tip Jar is for KAA, by the way, and not for the musician, who gets paid

well enough.


These Tippers realize the value of what they are getting; the music on the

lawn, the free concerts, the friendships around them, the Kirksville Arts Association.

Summer on the Square is a fabulous offering and takes the cooperation of our

whole community.


That brings me to another amazing item. Below is pictured Dickie and

Donna. They have been enjoying SOS for many years. In fact, Dickie

has attended Every Single Concert at SOS since the very beginning.

None of us knows exactly when These Free Concerts began on the

Courthouse Yards, but I certainly think Attending Every Single Concert

deserves some kind of recognition. So I am saying it here. Thank you,

to our absolutely Top Listener, Dickie, for attending Every Single SOS

Concert that has been presented!


The concerts are over after Aug 25, so squeeze in a couple more before the

Summer is Over. It is a wonderful time. Come listen.


All Images and Text © Jana Russon 8-11-2017

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