SOS 7-28-2017 Barton & Para

Steven Russon is welcoming the listeners,

thanking the sponsors, and introducing the Duo,

Barton & Para.


Barton & Para are excellent keepers of the “Hand-Me-Down” Tunes

they played and sang for us. They used a variety of instruments including

guitar, lap harp, dulcimer, mouth harp.


The listeners are all set. They have brought their chairs, their water, some

have brought bag lunches, others are working on their knitting and crochet.




To listen to a song with the Mouth Harp and Dulcimer  CLICK HERE.



We are so grateful our musicians see the supreme advantage of playing here

in Kirksville, on The Square. A wonderful accomplishment by KAA, the Sponsors

and the Community.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon  7-28-2017

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