Photo Editing gets Results – Sept 30, 2015

The recent “Beginning Photo Editing” workshop at KAA got results. We had a small group of students but they intensely brought their own quest to the workshop.


In the 4 short weeks they learned hundreds of little steps to change their images.

Here are some Before/After  Student Images using their new photo editing skills.


Original image of a horse behind wire.   So the Student removes the wire.


The workshop has an on-line Student Gallery where the students post their homework. We also use free on-line editing programs mixed with the program they use on their own computer.


One student had 3 images he wanted to blend. This is his first effort, and not a bad one at that!



This student describes his experience in “Beginning Photo Editing” workshop at KAA:

“The Basic Photo Editing class is not a cut and dried text book course.  It is a participation class where the attendees are encouraged to look beyond simple editing functions and work on a more professional level. 
The instructor, Jana Russon, works with the attendees on what they individually want to learn and uses her skills to show better ways to achieve great results.  You leave the class wanting to use what you’ve learned and to delve further into the fascinating world of photo editing.”
Below, the student used flash to take the picture, which caused bad cat eyes!
So she took eyes from another picture of the same cat and transplanted them, also adding an asymmetrical border for effect!


Nice Job. Very artsy and affective.

Below is a Contract Job for a CD Cover you may enjoy looking at, in reference to digitally augmenting images. As so often happens with performers, there is the distracting mic and the lighting is dark and impossible!


So now you see the New Improved Version. Fun!


Our next workshop facilitated by Jana Russon is “How to Write My Own Blog.” To read DETAILS of this class CLICK HERE.

Thank you for supporting Kirksville Arts Association and joining workshops that enrich your lives.

All Text  © Jana Russon 2015

Images by students.

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