Perlin Exhibit Reception Images – Nov 7, 2014

The Reception Friday evening was well attended. Wayne Yanda (pictured on the left)  conceived and brought this huge project to fruition, talking with Mr Perlin and the Family for 2 years, collecting images and getting permission to show us publicly – – no small task. Mr Perlin died in January of this year.


It was a great representation of images sketched and painted during the World War II by the war correspondent Bernard Perlin.


This lady in red, Mrs. Mariertta Jayne has real memories of some of these events, being 93 years old, sharp and beautiful.


It was incredible to see the actual original sketches, some on newsprint, some on transparencies, some printed into books.


And the food prepared by volunteers was again wonderful, colorful, tastefully presented and good to eat.


This gentleman attended in full regalia from the Viet Nam era. We thank all vets for their service.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon 2014

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