One-Woman Show, Reception 1-22-2016

The reception for artist Patti Kreps Friday evening was spectacular.


If you were there, you may see yourself in these pictures.

If you weren’t there – – – you missed a good time.


Many people took advantage of this great opportunity to get together on a chilly night.


Of course, KTVO was there to interview the artist about her ideas and her work.

The New camera Guy at KTVO is Steve.


The music group is “Deadwood,”  a local 6-piece band, and we all enjoyed great music.

Patti’s husband plays the red guitar.


The food, as usual, was pretty and tasty.


There were students, teachers, cops, bankers, lawyers, surgeons, teachers, nurses, students,

grocery store managers and many others all who enjoy art and support the events at KAA.

If you’re not a member – – Join.

To read the flyer of this event CLICK HERE.

All Text and Images © Jana Russon Jan 2016.

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