Mural Removal, Stage 1, 12-30-2016

Well, the first thing you need to do when you look at a project like this

is to look at it.


If the panels can come off easily in section pieces, that would be great!


He scores the mural in a thin line and hopes the glue doesn’t hold as advertised.


Under the right marble is the screw. There are several of these in each

panel to hold it to the previous surface.


Then removing the screws revealed that the glue held!

And it didn’t go quite as expected. The front pieces fell off the panel as it

separated from the wall, and Plan 1 was replaced with Plan 2.

Plan 2: Save the individual pieces.


Several small boxes were brought in for service, and this box is labeled:

North Bottom Panel.


Here are a few “Details” of the Mural. Some of these tiles may be yours.








OK. Let’s get started on this 2nd plan, North Middle Panel.


He uses crow bars and a saw to sever the glue where possible.

Not and easy task.


It is about to release a large portion. Both men catch it as it separates from the wall.


This seems to be a nice big piece, if it doesn’t break in transit to storage.


Then we hear this strange sound, high and above.

Would you believe it? We’ve been droned!


It hovered awhile over the middle of the building before zipping off

like a humming bird!


Well, today seems somewhat fruitless, but next week they will try to finish

the task of removing the tile pieces, before the demolition crew shows up.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon Dec 30, 2016

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