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Kirksville Arts Association Membership 2011-2012 

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Special thanks to our sustaining members for renewing your membership,

and new members for joining in the Kirksville Arts Association!


Gold Benefactor

The Campbell Law Firm, LLC

Freeman Foundation


Silver Benefactor

Frank and Linda Colton

Kathy Rieck and Jim Lyons

Charles and Sharon Pritchard

Richard and Stacy Sifton


Bronze Benefactor

Jay Ballanger and Susan Schoaff-Ballanger

Gregg and Velda Dougherty

Keith and Rebecca Harrison

Terrence and Janet Hawkins

Hollister Incorporated

Ian Lindevald and Cynthia Cooper

Marvin and Rebecca McClanahan

Rich McKinney

Robert and Susan Schneider

Nate Walker

Heinz and Mary Lou Woehlk



Ameren Missouri

Atmos Energy Cooperation

Century 21 Whitney Agency – Larry Whitney

Chamber of Commerce

Cottage Grove Bed & Breakfast – Mac and Jill McCord

Davis-Playle-Hudson-Rimer Funeral Home

Edna Campbells

Gardner-Collier – Bryan Collier

Jodie L. Gordon, DDS

Hightower Wholesale, Inc.

Lone Pine Embroidery and Design

Sodexo – Dennis and Lynnette Markeson

Whitney-Harrison – Larry Byars



Myra Baiotto

Ed and Nettie Carpenter

Brad and Melody Chambers

Bryan and Bonnie Collier

Jessie and John Cragg

Garrett and May Elam

Darrell and Sara Beth Fouch

Patricia L. Green

Teri Haman

Elliott and Cindy Hix

Jim and Kim LeBaron

Greg Lloyd

Jerry and Karen Mayhew

Richard and Bess Mercer

Sara Orel

Alanna Preussner

Julia Reed and Monica Barron

Renetta Rockhold

Sue and Sydney Ross

John and Martha Rowe

Neil and Jennifer Sargentini

Greg Siewert and Mary Sims

Caroline J. Stokes

Michael and Janet Willman



Sue Abrahams and Peter Rolnick

Carson and Barb Adams

John and Jeanie Auseon

Tim and Krista Baker

Carl and Shirley Baldwin

Amy Bix and Edis Tanner

Dennis and Renee Brayton

Christopher and Katie Best

George and Evelyn Carlson

Jamie and Amy Carroll

Kay Clapp

Richard and Patrice Coughlin

Melanie, Glinda and Richard Crawford

Dave and Melinda Cook

Bobby and Mary Craig

Dana and Sarah Delaware

Charles and Mary Elam

Pat and Eleanor Ellebracht

Dean and Bebe Ellsworth

Stephen and Rebecca Emlund

Gary and Claire Lloyd

Alice Fast and Mark Smith

Sam and Sandra Fleak

Michael French and Janet Head

Charles and Mary Giovannini

Michael and Deb Goggin

James and Karin Harmon

Russell and Jacqueline Harrison

Bob and Wanda Hartsock

Nancy Herron

Brad and Stacie Hudson

Jack and Anita James

Royce Kallerud and Devon Mills

Robert and Janis Keough

Stephen and Mary Laird

Larry and Carol Lowe

Judy and Tom Lundberg

Jack and Sue Magruder

J.D. and Jo Morasco

Lanny and Beth Morley

Jim and Pat Murdock

Roland and Sue Nagel

Rick and Sue Neely

Rusty and Arletta Nelson

Glenn and Judy Neuweg

Glen and Elaine Novinger

Dr. Joe and Sandra Novinger

Michael and Melinda Orskog

Troy and Kelly Paino

Paul Parker and Michele Breault

Robert and Neva Powell

Jim, Sandy and Eric Przybylski

David and Friday Ramsey

Phil and Irene Richardson

Richard and Kathy Roberts

Delber and Morma Robison

Jeff and Marilyn Romine

Dean and Amy Rosebery

Steven and Jana Russon

Gene and Ginny Schneider

Patricia and William Sexton

Mary Shapiro and Alan Garvey

Lori Shook

T. and Joan Sorrell

Scott and Heidi Templeton

Steve and Linda Treasure

Thomas and Jane Trimborn

Wally and Ricki Trosen

Erin and Daniel Trutwin

Donnie and Janet Waybill

Harry and Stephanie Willett



Erma Auxter

Joyce Ayers

Diane Baer

Hilvina Baiotto

Artis Ball

Jane Bartling

Anne Barlow

Ben Beard

Rosebelle Borron

Carolyn Chambers

Peggy Chrow

Mary Crnic

Maria Di Stefano

Sandra Elliott

Maria Evans

Sue Floyd

Ishita Ghosh

Marcy Graham and Franz Kinkhorst

Katherine Graves

Mary Lee Hall

Carolyn Harding

Maryla Harrington

Jeanette Hartje

Emil Helmich

Cynthia Hill

Trish Hill Bellington

Linda Hudnall

Marietta Jayne

Marty Jayne

Diane Johnson

Joan Jones

Patricia Kreps

Amanda Langendoefer

Norene Lee

Janice L. Legg

Dee Leeseig

Twila Lochhead

Jane Lovstuen

Joanne Kruse

Sue Mason

Anna L. Miller

Melissa Nelson

Eva Jane Noe

Fran Norman

Joyce Otten

Barbara Price

Colleen Primmer

Sue Ray

Janet Romine

Jan C. Sevits

Judith Scheurer

Samantha Shelley

Mary Sieren

Janet K. Snyder

Mary Beth St. Clair

Clara Straight

Melissa Stuart

Kristie J. Swaim

Janet Taylor

Gail Tucker

Sally West

Wynne Wilbur

Meredith J. Willconx

Margaret Wilson



Mariel Sweet


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