Letter from KAA President, 1-5-2017

Future Plans for Kirksville Arts

The fire that destroyed the Arts Center on December 2, 2016 was a loss to the entire community, not just to the Kirksville Arts Association. As a community arts provider, our role is to bring the arts to the Kirksville area. In the spring, we will be seeking input from the community on what programs you want us to provide. As we go through this process, we hope to gain insight into what kind of a building will best serve Kirksville as an arts center. We will consider all options, existing buildings as well as new construction. Once we have made those decisions, have plans drawn and an estimate of cost, we will formally launch our capital campaign. At this time, we are not in a position to set a fundraising goal. This campaign will include one of the online fund raising sites. We appreciate all the donations that have been received and they are being designated for our building fund. Anyone interested in holding a fund raising event can contact Judy Neuweg at 665-0500 for more information.


signed Linda Treasure, KAA President

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