Kirksville Arts goes to the Capital

It was Citizens for the Arts Day at the Capital Wed Feb 11, 2015. A small

self-delegated group of 4 rode together, listened to the speech, met with

Representatives, Senators and Congressmen, and tried to influence more

support for the arts, especially in Kirksville!



Just across The Big Muddy we spot our Capitol Building, in all it’s majesty.


As the people assemble, we look over the materials they handed to us at

registration. Delegates from Kirksville Arts Association include Nancy Burns,

Sharon Pritchard, Colleen Wagner and me, Jana Russon.


Below, Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky  introduces the agenda and the Speaker

from Washington D. C.


The guests fill the chairs to see what we can learn about the budgeting

and distribution of funds intended for the arts in Missouri.


Mr. Jay Dick tries to explain to us about the billions of dollars, and how

they are allotted.


 This is OUR lobbyist Kyna Iman.  She gave us

folders to give to our Senators and Congressmen

when we met with them in the afternoon.


After the morning meeting we had a crowded lunch in the basement of the

Capital.  I just couldn’t resist capturing bits and pieces of this beautiful building.


We met with our very own Nate Walker. He seems to understand our efforts

with developing art and art awareness in Kirksville, MO.


He seems to understand our Mission Statement:


“The Kirksville Arts Association endeavors to partner and serve in promoting

a vigorous economic and cultural arena in which to foster the arts for Northeast

Missouri’s rural communities.”


Another Representative we met with was Craig Redmon.


Here Coleen shows some of the accomplishments we have made in the

recent past, some of the incredible progress we have already made, as well

as some of the needs we have, including improving the KAA Building and

adding creative ideas that could materialize in the future.


In one of the offices I picked up a few Chocolate Boots and

we all enjoyed the sweetness.


Then we headed back home and enjoyed discussing the possibilities for

Kirksville Arts in the Future.


Join us if you haven’t.   Click the “Membership” tab at the top of the homepage.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon  660 651 8632

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