Great Photos by Camera Students

Nine students enrolled in “How To Use Your Camera Better” offered by KAA in March 2016. The following pictures were taken by students, and their comments are sprinkled throughout.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA© Pam Sampson, student, experimenting with light and an angle from under the rose.


Pam said, “If you want to learn about your camera, take this class.”

Student_Mike_1057© Mike Teter, student, set his camera on BW and used backlighting to enhance this image.



© Mike Teter, student, using un-conventional props to produce an artful image.



© Lindsay Leckbee, student, using macro settings in her camera.


Toni said, “Class is fun, informative, you will learn many things!”

KODAK Digital Still Camera© Lindsay Leckbee, student, playing with light.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

© Lindsay Leckbee, student, portrait shooting with a simi-cooperative model.


Student_FitzClass4 020© Amanda Fitzpatrick, student, experimenting with landscape settings in-camera.


Student_FitzClass4 017© Amanda Fitzpatrick, student, using an in-camera effect.



© Bonnie King, student, shooting documentary images.

Shoeleh would say to folks interested in taking this class, “I highly recommend this class to everyone. It gives you a new way to look at the world around you.”

Student_Bonnie_IMG_4497_cardred© Bonnie King, student, using zoom.


Student_Bonnie_IMG_2336_macroweb© Bonnie King, student, very close-up, or macro.



© Angela Wolfe, student, experimenting with macro.


Student_Angela_6741© Angela Wolfe, student, using an in-camera color selection.


Here Pam took a picture of the class facilitator, Jana Russon; angle and all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA© Pam Sampson, student


Come join us sometime when you want to learn something new.

None of these pictures are © Jana Russon. They are all by students.  We had a good time. I thank the students for their efforts and ingenuity.

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