Fun Photo Editing Class, Apr 2015

We have had 3 of our 4 Beginning Photo Editing Classes. These are 4 classes, 2 hours each week for 4 weeks, with an On-Line Student Gallery and multiple editing programs free on-line.

The students learn SO MUCH, like crop, clone, size for web, size for print, change colors, straighten, ad text, twist and shape text, ©, work in layers, select parts of the image out or in, change the orientation and many other things.

These skills are handy for making flyers, improving family pictures, making your own Christmas and Birthday cards with your own images, or even wall art.

Here are some of the things students have said about this April 2015 class:

“I had no idea this would be so fun, and so easy! I can’t believe it’s almost over!”

“Thank you for teaching the class.  I am learning so much.”

“Now I can write a message on the front of a picture!”

“My pictures are really looking good. I’m having such fun! Thanks for teaching this great class.”

“You have really built my confidence for trying new things. This is GREAT!

 “The On-Line Student Gallery is invaluable. We get to see each other’s work and learn from them as well as the teacher.”

Here are some changes the April 2015 Students have made in their own images, Before & After:

In this first student image, the original is a little too dark, the window handle is distracting, the image is a little tilted, and the background in the window should not distract.


The student cropped it to square, removed the distracting background in the window and replaced it with a lovely autumn scene, lightened the image and added his © to the image!


This student took a picture of some old tools in a residential setting. But he didn’t like the clutter and the street sign and the driveway.


So he removed the unwanted items, cloned the lawn over the background and added an “effect” to make it look rustic, then added his © and name. Great Editing Changes.


Here the student took a nice picture of her fellows, but this guy in the background doesn’t belong to the picture at all!


So she took him out, and removed some spots of light that were distracting! Easy Squeezy!


Here is another example of Before and After. This student took a nice wedding picture, but she wanted to convert it to a portrait of the bride. Look at what she did!


Now for the edited picture to a Black and White Portrait of the Bride! Excellent Work!


And here is one final comparison of Before and After.

Student_Bonnie_Tango Sepia_HDR_O_IMG_0378_Class3

The Student, with some “Effects,” a change in the eyes to “Pop” them out, and removal of a twig, she has a whole new picture.

Student_Bonnie_Tango Sepia_HDR_W2_IMG_0378_Class3


These students are doing a great job of challenging themselves to make a difference in their own images. Great Job, everybody! Thanks for being in class and bringing your own unique quest to the workshop!

Our next “Beginning Photo Editing” workshop will be in the Fall, Wednesdays in September.

To enroll, call Jana Russon at 660 651 8632.


All Text by Jana Russon. Images © Students of the Beginning Photo Editing Workshop of KAA, in April 2015.

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