Details of Art in the Park Program 2012

Week One – – Clay Marionettes

Materials needed:  Air dry clay, Jewelry wire, Scissors, Hot Glue, Q-Tips or short dowel rods, Paint or Markers

Project description:

Children will construct a marionette by forming clay body parts around jewelry wire and attach the dolls to a dowel rod.  Dried dolls may then be colored or painted with features and clothing.


Week Two – – Puff Painting

Materials needed:  Paint (Tempera or Acrylic), White glue, Shaving cream (These three mixed together), Paint cups, Water cups, Paint brushes, Stirrers (popsicle sticks)

Project description:

Children will learn about texture in painting with this puffy paint.  Because the texture is similar to food, suggestions for student work include cakes, ice cream, muffins, etc., as well as flowers or anything else the child can think of.


Week Three – – Printmaking

Materials needed:  Styrofoam plates (rims cut off), Dull #2 pencils, Paint (Tempera or Acrylic), 2-3” Paint rollers, Paper, any type or color, Colored pencils or crayons

Project description:

Children will be able to create their own prints by drawing on styrofoam plates and and pressing the inked image onto paper.  They can make many prints of the same image in different colors and then color in these images or decorate them with colored pencil or crayons.


Week Four – – “Stained Glass”

Materials needed:  Clear contact paper, Pre-cut construction paper shapes, Tissue paper (various colors), Black Marker, Colored tape

Project description:

Children create their own stained glass type images by filling in the construction paper framed shapes with squares of colored tissue paper.  Colored tape can be used around the outside edge of the image to frame it.  The squares of paper can then be outlined in black to mimic stained glass and then the finished product can be taped to a window for display.


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