Demolition Begins_2-09-2017

My effort at documenting The Demolition will be daily, depending on progress that is made.

Today, at least they worked on the Fence. It seems the fence needs to be covered with heavy tarps.


These tarps are mounted on the chainlink panels.


I am assuming, tho I haven’t been told, that these tarps protect the citizens from falling or catapulted detritus that may cause harm or endanger humans.



But what it does, is make it almost impossible for me to see beyond the fence. Or more to the point, take photos of this process of demolition!



You can see the equipment is safely parked inside the fence – – ready to go on the actual demolition, tomorrow!

Stay tuned. I will present pictures of this process throughout.


All Images and Text © Jana Russon Feb 9, 2017

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