Demolition, 3-8-2017

These pictures cover Wed Mar 8 and Thu Mar 8, 2017.

Don’t miss the videos. Always short. Always interesting.


Well, now you see the corners are down. Only 4 Windows from the

3rd floor remain on the North Side. They have carried away in big trucks

tons of detritus.


The fellow in the cage is at the very top, loosening mortar and tossing

the bricks into the heap.


Notice the brick in flight. He is making progress by the minute.


Today the corner is almost clear. You can see the sand they poured over

the sidewalk for protection from the heavy equipment. You can see the

bales of hay they used on top of Pickles Abstract Building to soften the

blow of debris that may fall that way.

The 3rd Story is almost down.

Now Thu Mar 9, 2017 starting out with just a tad left on the 3rd Floor

North Wall. He is at it right now. See on top of the building?

Notice also the courthouse with her “Lady Justice” atop.


The Three Men have a short business meeting right there in the pile of bricks.


The scoop loads the truck with the demolished KAA building bricks,

sand, mortar, rocks, walls, floors, equipment destroyed in the Dec 2, 2016 Fire.


To see a short video of the crane filling the big 16-Wheeler up with the

building materials CLICK HERE.

Now the final piece is all that is left standing.

Before the end of day, it’s Gone.


Last piece now gone.


The corner is stripped. The mess and the bricks and I-Beams are almost all

picked up and hauled away. It stood for 107 years. Good Bye.


All Images and Text © Jana Russon Mar 2017

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