Demolition, 3-6-2017

Well, the demolition continues, and by the end of the week, you will see

they are serious.

Here is a Corner Profile of how it was on Mon Mar 6, 2017. The images

have the exact date on them for your usefulness.


I like to observe closely. While the claws went down in the small basement

area below what used to be the kitchen, the claw-pincher tool came up

with reams of colorful paper! Yellows, Pinks, Blues, Green. Fluttering

around, taking flight!


Did that, in the past, belong to the printing company? Maybe it was an

inventory of colorful paper for the youth activities. Gone now.


Here they fill a dumpster with what looks like salvageable metal. It is

amazing how the claw-pincher tool can delineate the differences between

metal and brick. A skilled Operator, there.

And HERE. See what the contraption has in it’s grip. I believe it is a whole

scoop of folding tables we had stashed in the back. We brought them out

for events that used rectangular tables – – like Jana’s Camera Class.

You like these pictures? Take the class. contact:


Bricks and boards and metal are not at all the same things. This claw’s

capability to separate things may surprise you.

Now Begins Tuesday, Mar 7, 2017:


Three corners are still standing. The North Wall 3rd story is still hovering

over Pickles Abstract Building. There are still the interior and front exterior

I-Beams standing.


Now they discuss the I-Beam which they are about to remove from the

front of the building.

To see them remove the Front I-Beam in this short Video CLICK HERE.


There is still quite a bit of building to remove from this site, before the

Green Grass Grows.


Check in often to see the whole picture story of this Demolition.

So there you are. Two days of progress, demolishing the former

KAA Building.


All Images and Text © Jana Russon Mar 2017


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