Demolition, 3-3-2017

This week has seen some real progress.


As I watched, I was amazed at how precise that claw could be.

To see a short Video of this Heavy Equipment actually working, CLICK HERE.

They are sorting metal from the bricks and filling trucks with (my guess)

salvageable metal.


Brick by Brick in some places.


Throw the lentil over the edge, 2 stories.


The hull of the building still stands on 2 sides. Two Huge I-Beams remain;

the others removed just now.


Notice the brick in mid-air in the image below, then you may see the little man!


They would really like to get this North Wall down, before it blows down!


So you see, the bricks are coming down. The Building is reducing it’s volume.

The Rubbish is being removed, one Full Truck at a time.


Stay Tuned. I will show you the progress till it’s a Clean Green Lawn!


All Images and Text © Jana Russon Mar 2017.

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