Demolition Finale, 3-15-2017

The task seems to be done, except for the bright green grass.

These last two days finish things up.


The whole North Wall has been completely removed.

All the debris has been hauled off in big trucks.


There IS that pit in the North East Corner. What will they do with that?

Fill it in. Level it off. Plant seed.

So Now they can take down the Chain Link Fence.

They can open all the roads.


So here you have it, exactly:

The Before and After

After the Asbestos was removed safely,

After the Mosaic from April 2013 was removed as carefully as possible,

THIS is what the burned out KAA building looked like, dated Feb 9, 2017.


Notice Pickle’s Abstract, the little yellow building.

And on March 15, 2017 it was no more.


All the roads are now open.

Pickle Abstract has been given their permission to begin their

clean-up and restoration.

Next Phase begins. No doubt, it will include finance, quilt claims,

fundraising, and so many generous people with ideas that will endure.

The Phoenix Arises.


All Images and Text © Jana Russon March 2017


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