Demolition, 2-24-2017

This week I had to dig to find progress on the demolishing of the Former

Kirksville Arts Building. Though no one has told me, I can make some

assumptions, like everyone else.


This picture above shows the leaning North Wall toward Pickles Abstract,

the white building. The next picture shows closer what a mess the electric

wiring provides, to work around.


This could actually be a good reason to re-build elsewhere.


I notice that a 6-inch layer of sand has been poured on the whole south

sidewalk, I am assuming to protect the sidewalk from falling detritus.

And the bales of straw are protecting the drain from the sand, it seems to me.


By standing level with the third floor, I am able to show you a glimpse

into the inside of the building. The wood wall with the door which we are

looking at was part of the hallway on the third floor, and the door opened

into an office area.


This image shows many multiple layers. The first door on the left shows

the room behind is completely filled with bricks, third floor.


To the right and mid area of the image you see the white building which is

Pickles Abstract.


The next building over, of brick, must be the dance studio. Then you can

see, top right corner of image, is the back of Beard’s Decor, and on across

Washington Street.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon

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