Demolition 2-14-2017

This post covers 2 days of destruction, and it will be many; but you can now see the progress being made!


There they fall. Notice the bricks in mid air. These first three images were made Feb 13.


The lentils and sills of the third story are on their way down.


They have to weave in and out avoiding the intense concentration of City Wires on that East Side of the building. A Care-Full task, no doubt.

Now on Valentine’s Day, more progress. The large North East Turret is down!


The men are proud nothing is damaged in THAT accomplishment! He posed for this picture!

Aligned on the North wall, they are careful not to fell the bricks onto the next building, crowbars their main tools.


Intense focus is important here.


Looking at the North Wall work from the South, thru a burned out window.


Here you see the new profile of this Old Building. Day by day, Brick by Brick, I will report this progress thru the days it takes.





All Text and Images © Jana Russon Feb 2017

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