Demolition 2-10-2017

As I approached on Friday I noticed the long arm extension basket was

already up in the air, albeit empty.


So I wandered down to that end of the block, and thru the chainlink tarp-

covered fence I asked the bossman what he expected to accomplish today.

He said, “Well, not much! My rig is Broke Down. Don’t know when we can

get that fixed.” Then they walked away.


I looked at it up there in the sky and thought: I think it’s Broke UP!

So back at the other end of the block, pulling the tarp back with one

hand and shooting the picture thru the fence with the other hand,

I got this shot showing the equipment Froze Up.


Stepping back a bit, the present condition is easy to see: The

chainlink fence with a view-impossible tarp, the several rigs parked

ready to work, snow on the ground, street blocked off.


I had parked at the City Hall and realized, with that long flatbed in the way

I must go the Wrong Way on a One Way Franklin to get off that block.


Well, isn’t that just the way with construction and destruction. It is an

equipment intensive project and they all need to work properly.

Maybe Next Week. Stay Tuned for the day by day accomplishments!


All Images and Text © Jana Russon 2-10-2017

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