March 7, 2017

Demolition, 3-6-2017

Posted by jana @ 12:52 pm

Well, the demolition continues, and by the end of the week, you will see

they are serious.

Here is a Corner Profile of how it was on Mon Mar 6, 2017. The images

have the exact date on them for your usefulness.


I like to observe closely. While the claws went down in the small basement

area below what used to be the kitchen, the claw-pincher tool came up

with reams of colorful paper! Yellows, Pinks, Blues, Green. Fluttering

around, taking flight!


Did that, in the past, belong to the printing company? Maybe it was an

inventory of colorful paper for the youth activities. Gone now.


Here they fill a dumpster with what looks like salvageable metal. It is

amazing how the claw-pincher tool can delineate the differences between

metal and brick. A skilled Operator, there.

And HERE. See what the contraption has in it’s grip. I believe it is a whole

scoop of folding tables we had stashed in the back. We brought them out

for events that used rectangular tables – – like Jana’s Camera Class.

You like these pictures? Take the class. contact:


Bricks and boards and metal are not at all the same things. This claw’s

capability to separate things may surprise you.

Now Begins Tuesday, Mar 7, 2017:


Three corners are still standing. The North Wall 3rd story is still hovering

over Pickles Abstract Building. There are still the interior and front exterior

I-Beams standing.


Now they discuss the I-Beam which they are about to remove from the

front of the building.

To see them remove the Front I-Beam in this short Video CLICK HERE.


There is still quite a bit of building to remove from this site, before the

Green Grass Grows.


Check in often to see the whole picture story of this Demolition.

So there you are. Two days of progress, demolishing the former

KAA Building.


All Images and Text © Jana Russon Mar 2017


March 3, 2017

Demolition, 3-3-2017

Posted by jana @ 8:00 am

This week has seen some real progress.


As I watched, I was amazed at how precise that claw could be.

To see a short Video of this Heavy Equipment actually working, CLICK HERE.

They are sorting metal from the bricks and filling trucks with (my guess)

salvageable metal.


Brick by Brick in some places.


Throw the lentil over the edge, 2 stories.


The hull of the building still stands on 2 sides. Two Huge I-Beams remain;

the others removed just now.


Notice the brick in mid-air in the image below, then you may see the little man!


They would really like to get this North Wall down, before it blows down!


So you see, the bricks are coming down. The Building is reducing it’s volume.

The Rubbish is being removed, one Full Truck at a time.


Stay Tuned. I will show you the progress till it’s a Clean Green Lawn!


All Images and Text © Jana Russon Mar 2017.

March 1, 2017

Demolition, 2-28-2017

Posted by jana @ 11:53 am

A big bite has been taken from the KAA Building.

Forget the Brick-By-Brick method. Now it’s Crunch-N-Move.


It is amazing how precise a huge claw arm can be.


You can see this claw taking out a whole wall, the floor, and doors in one bite.


Come on in. The Door is Open.

Oh, But WAIT! It has been closed off some long time ago, back when

they didn’t need that door anymore! Now. They still don’t need that door.

We are looking into a secret chamber!


Hey, come on in, the Door is Open. Watch your step.


Things change, don’t they.


All Images and Text © Jana Russon Feb 28, 2017


February 24, 2017

Demolition, 2-24-2017

Posted by jana @ 8:00 am

This week I had to dig to find progress on the demolishing of the Former

Kirksville Arts Building. Though no one has told me, I can make some

assumptions, like everyone else.


This picture above shows the leaning North Wall toward Pickles Abstract,

the white building. The next picture shows closer what a mess the electric

wiring provides, to work around.


This could actually be a good reason to re-build elsewhere.


I notice that a 6-inch layer of sand has been poured on the whole south

sidewalk, I am assuming to protect the sidewalk from falling detritus.

And the bales of straw are protecting the drain from the sand, it seems to me.


By standing level with the third floor, I am able to show you a glimpse

into the inside of the building. The wood wall with the door which we are

looking at was part of the hallway on the third floor, and the door opened

into an office area.


This image shows many multiple layers. The first door on the left shows

the room behind is completely filled with bricks, third floor.


To the right and mid area of the image you see the white building which is

Pickles Abstract.


The next building over, of brick, must be the dance studio. Then you can

see, top right corner of image, is the back of Beard’s Decor, and on across

Washington Street.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon

February 22, 2017

Lunch ‘n Learn, 2-22-2017

Posted by jana @ 1:00 am

It was a wonderful brown bag lunch and lecture. Karen Mayhew

announces Dr. Tom Trimborn, lecturer.


Interested students eager to see the presentation.



The Eighth Graders from the Lutheran Church across the road, ate their

lunches here and enjoyed the lecture, too.




Thank you, Dr. Trimborn.


Images and Text © Jana Russon 2-22-2017

February 16, 2017

Demolition 2-16-2017

Posted by jana @ 5:13 pm

This post represents 2 days’ work.

You can see the profile of the building changing right before your very eyes.

A note from KAA President, Linda Treasure:

“Things are going well.  They are having to bring in another lift to reach above the Pickell Building, the one they have won’t reach and it’s complicated by all the wires that run behind the building.”


Again, from Linda: “They don’t want the ceiling above the front of the building to crash down because of the weight.”


There is much care taken in the removal of the bricks.


“Next week they will have to start hauling out the debris because the interior is getting full.” Linda Treasure


And the profile again is changed.



All Text and Images are © Jana Russon unless otherwise stated.

The Quilt Books, 2-15-2017

Posted by jana @ 3:00 pm

The books “Quilts – The Last Exhibit” have arrived. This is a collaborative of photos taken the day of the Fire and some after the fire, and the quilter’s stories. This community keeps on giving.


All profits from the sale of this book go to KAA Re-Building Fund. The First Edition consists of 50 books, and they have all been spoken for. They are $35 each, and you can Pre-Order for Second Edition. See below.

To see inside the book  CLICK HERE.

On Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017 Take Root Cafe hosted the Book Opening Gig where most of the Pre-Ordered books were picked up.

These images following are © Leann Falkenstine, and I thank her abundantly.


photo © Leann Falkenstine

We (mostly the Quilters who had quilts in The Last Exhibit) gathered around and signed each other’s books.


photo © Leann Falkenstine

This is a little piece of quilt from one of the heirloom quilts is what will be given to the daughter with a book, instead of the quilt!


photo © Leann Falkenstine

Andi O’brien, President of the Hands Of Friendship Quilt Guild, shows her book.


photo © Leann Falkenstine

We thank The Kirksville Daily Express newspaper for having Jason come to see the festivities.


photo © Leann Falkenstine

Here Jana Russon presents a SPONSORED book to the Adair County Public Library. The way this works is, Barb and Dale Stone purchased a copy for $35, profits going to KAA, then they gave it back to be placed in a VENUE where folks can read and enjoy it without purchase. We thank our Sponsors.


photo © Leann Falkenstine

Jana Russon, who compiled the book with stories and pictures from the quilters is showing a copy of “Quilts – The Last Exhibit” to Leann, who took the pictures on this post.

Thank you, Leann.

We are working on the Second Edition now, with a few changes and added stories. If you want to Pre-Order one, they are $35.00, all proceeds to KAA.



Quilt Book Opening, Wed, Feb 15, 5-6p, @ Take Root Cafe

Posted by jana @ 9:00 am

The First Edition of the book “Quilts – The Last Exhibit” is published. 100% of the profits go to Kirksville Arts Re-Building Fund. The quilters have written their stories and submitted additional pictures. Come enjoy the fun, review a book, pre-order yours for the Second Edition.

Wednesday Feb 15 from 5-6pm at Take Root Cafe, North of The Square.

To see the DRAFT of the book  “Quilts – The Last Exhibit”  CLICK HERE.

* * * * * * * * * *

February 15, 2017

Demolition 2-14-2017

Posted by jana @ 8:22 am

This post covers 2 days of destruction, and it will be many; but you can now see the progress being made!


There they fall. Notice the bricks in mid air. These first three images were made Feb 13.


The lentils and sills of the third story are on their way down.


They have to weave in and out avoiding the intense concentration of City Wires on that East Side of the building. A Care-Full task, no doubt.

Now on Valentine’s Day, more progress. The large North East Turret is down!


The men are proud nothing is damaged in THAT accomplishment! He posed for this picture!

Aligned on the North wall, they are careful not to fell the bricks onto the next building, crowbars their main tools.


Intense focus is important here.


Looking at the North Wall work from the South, thru a burned out window.


Here you see the new profile of this Old Building. Day by day, Brick by Brick, I will report this progress thru the days it takes.





All Text and Images © Jana Russon Feb 2017

February 10, 2017

Demolition 2-10-2017

Posted by jana @ 3:30 pm

As I approached on Friday I noticed the long arm extension basket was

already up in the air, albeit empty.


So I wandered down to that end of the block, and thru the chainlink tarp-

covered fence I asked the bossman what he expected to accomplish today.

He said, “Well, not much! My rig is Broke Down. Don’t know when we can

get that fixed.” Then they walked away.


I looked at it up there in the sky and thought: I think it’s Broke UP!

So back at the other end of the block, pulling the tarp back with one

hand and shooting the picture thru the fence with the other hand,

I got this shot showing the equipment Froze Up.


Stepping back a bit, the present condition is easy to see: The

chainlink fence with a view-impossible tarp, the several rigs parked

ready to work, snow on the ground, street blocked off.


I had parked at the City Hall and realized, with that long flatbed in the way

I must go the Wrong Way on a One Way Franklin to get off that block.


Well, isn’t that just the way with construction and destruction. It is an

equipment intensive project and they all need to work properly.

Maybe Next Week. Stay Tuned for the day by day accomplishments!


All Images and Text © Jana Russon 2-10-2017

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