November 11, 2017

Auction Sneak Peek, Reception Nov 10, 2017

Posted by jana @ 8:00 am

Folks came out last Friday to see the Auction Items for the Dec 2, 2017 Capital

Campaign Kick-Off for Kirksville Arts.


As usual, there were nice colorful fresh snacks, while people visited and

looked at the Auction Items.









With night time coming sooner, the guests left the Reception in the dark, but

doesn’t it make a nice blue entrance to KAA?

September 9, 2017

Lutheran Kids Visit Gallery 9-8-17

Posted by jana @ 11:00 am

Last Friday the teachers and kids from the Lutheran Church across the street

came to look at the exhibit.


We appreciate the teachers bringing in the youth, to see art.


The teacher pointed out things for the students to notice, and the kids

also saw many things in pictures and sculpture that interested them.


When they left, they sang a song to the Docent, me. It was an adapted “round”

and I was totally blessed to be sung to! Thanks, you wonderful kids!


Don’t miss the video:


Here is a video of them singing to me last Friday.  CLICK HERE!


All Images and Text © Jana Russon 9-8-2017

Regional Exhibit & Reception 9-8-2017

Posted by jana @ 8:00 am

There are some fabulous new pieces hanging at the KAA Gallery right now.

To view the List of Artists CLICK HERE.

To view the Poster for this event CLICK HERE.

Here are some groupings and individual pieces.


To see the complete exhibit, come to the KAA Gallery by October 28, 2017.


This textile collage by Amber Corbitt is titled “Generations.”


One straight photo and two pictures digitally painted, by Jana Russon.


A Felted Piece of Wool titled “Nesting” by Amber Corbitt.


Oil Painting, titled “Brave & Free” by Franz Douglas Kinkhorst, a

first-time exhibiting artist with KAA Regional Exhibit.

The Reception for this Show was Thu Sept 8, 2017.


Some art was sold and people enjoyed appetizers and conversation.


Maureen made some announcements and told us of upcoming events

sponsored by KAA.


All photographs of art and text © Jana Russon Sept 8, 2017.


August 12, 2017

SOS 8-11-2017, CW Smith

Posted by jana @ 10:00 am

Due to an error in the alignment of the planets, CW Smith was booked as “Piano”

when really what he did was vocal and guitar, with decades of genre to draw from.


It was refreshing to hear old favorites, and a few unusual ones thrown in for fun.


These listeners attend often. He was set to listen to piano music.


The listeners are generous when Steven brings around the Tip Jar. This

Tip Jar is for KAA, by the way, and not for the musician, who gets paid

well enough.


These Tippers realize the value of what they are getting; the music on the

lawn, the free concerts, the friendships around them, the Kirksville Arts Association.

Summer on the Square is a fabulous offering and takes the cooperation of our

whole community.


That brings me to another amazing item. Below is pictured Dickie and

Donna. They have been enjoying SOS for many years. In fact, Dickie

has attended Every Single Concert at SOS since the very beginning.

None of us knows exactly when These Free Concerts began on the

Courthouse Yards, but I certainly think Attending Every Single Concert

deserves some kind of recognition. So I am saying it here. Thank you,

to our absolutely Top Listener, Dickie, for attending Every Single SOS

Concert that has been presented!


The concerts are over after Aug 25, so squeeze in a couple more before the

Summer is Over. It is a wonderful time. Come listen.


All Images and Text © Jana Russon 8-11-2017

July 30, 2017

SOS 7-28-2017 Barton & Para

Posted by jana @ 8:00 am

Steven Russon is welcoming the listeners,

thanking the sponsors, and introducing the Duo,

Barton & Para.


Barton & Para are excellent keepers of the “Hand-Me-Down” Tunes

they played and sang for us. They used a variety of instruments including

guitar, lap harp, dulcimer, mouth harp.


The listeners are all set. They have brought their chairs, their water, some

have brought bag lunches, others are working on their knitting and crochet.




To listen to a song with the Mouth Harp and Dulcimer  CLICK HERE.



We are so grateful our musicians see the supreme advantage of playing here

in Kirksville, on The Square. A wonderful accomplishment by KAA, the Sponsors

and the Community.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon  7-28-2017

July 22, 2017

Fiber Metal Wood 7-21-2017

Posted by jana @ 8:00 am














Be sure to stop by The Show by Aug 26, 2017


All Text and Images © Jana Russon 7-21-2017

July 21, 2017

SOS 7-21-2017 Pumptown

Posted by jana @ 5:16 pm

Steven Russon welcomes everyone, announces the sponsors,

reminds folks that next week is Barton & Para, and welcomes the band,



This year the members of the band have small children. They say it’s a

completely new experience: performing with toddlers!

But aren’t they cute?


Sweet Child in Grandpa’s arms.




Children with drums and shakers! Part of the music!


The music was predictably Great.



Thank you, Dr. Amy and Pumptown for performing here in Kirksville.



All images and photos © Jana Russon 7-21-2017


July 1, 2017

SOS 6-30-2017 Aaron Russell Band

Posted by jana @ 8:00 am

Steven Russon welcomes the listeners and announces the “Aaron Russell Band.”


Chariton Valley Associates sponsors this SOS event as part of the 4th of July Celebration.


There were over 500 listeners for this Concert.


When the music began . . . .


. . . . the dancers were ready.


Many Families enjoy the free music with their little ones, dancing and in arms.



Our National Anthem.


It was a well-liked Concert. Thanks to the Kirksville Arts and Aaron Russell Band.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon 6-30-2017

June 24, 2017

SOS 6-23-2017 Fried Crawdaddies

Posted by jana @ 8:00 am

Steven Russon greets all the attendees, and introduces the band “Fried Crawdaddies.”


The City has new grass protected from lawn chairs and running children.


Listeners enjoy the cool breeze, no rain, and great music.


The band finishes up about 8:30pm.


If you haven’t been attending the SOS (Summer on the Square)

free music offered every Friday night in June, July and August.

This year there are free 14 concerts.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon 6-23-2017

June 3, 2017

SOS 6-2-2017 Blues Slingers

Posted by jana @ 8:00 am

The SOS Kick-Off was a great success. Over 400 people

filled the courthouse yards and lined the sidewalks.


The Blues Slingers!


They certainly did inspire the Dancers! Yes. Great Music. Fun Community!


Families bring their lawn chairs, their blankets, their snacks, and their kids!


Friends enjoy the music.



To watch a 1-minute video of this song and this dance, CLICK HERE.

The grown-ups dance to the tunes. I heard these folks are from the

Truman Dance Class.


But this child will not be out-done!

Dancing is Good! Thanks to the Blues Slingers for a great evening of

music and dance.  Another fabulous Kick-off to Summer On the Square.

For a listing of the Summer Concerts 2017 CLICK HERE.


All Text and Images © Jana Russon 6-2-2017

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